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Native to the Microsoft .NET Framework used by Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 !
In addition to the current .NET Framework, we have also added support for SmartLine timers, The Champ, Starting Gate Solenoids, Light Trees, Photo Finish, new, simpler Serial Port interface, Print Preview, and more. 

DerbyMaster is the leader in race management software and was designed for those racing enthusiasts who want to experience their best racing ever. Whether you run a Pinewood Derby, a Grand Prix, or any other type of race, DerbyMaster is the software that will do everything for you. 

DerbyMaster sells for $49.95 (plus S&H) and has the following minimum system requirements:

If you are not completely satisfied with DerbyMaster, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund (S&H are not refundable).

For our existing customers we are continually making upgrades to the software and the newest version is available for $10. Orders can be placed on our on line Order page.

Read about our latest enhancements on our What's New page, and try out the latest version with our DEMO copy.

DerbyMaster handles every aspect of running a fast, efficient, and organized race. It was designed with simplistic interfaces, extensive capabilities, and a natural flow of progression from item to item. Check out the capabilities:

Yes, DerbyMaster handles the car registration, the scheduling of races, the recording of race results, and any special awards you might be assigning. DerbyMaster even keeps statistics for the derby, the lanes, and each racer.

Race results are easily scored manually, or, if you connect one of the leading timers with a computer option, the race results will be scored automatically.

All information is stored in a project file on the hard disk, with an automatic save feature after each race. This allows any derby to be reopened at any time. In the unlikely event you would lose power, this also allows you to recover your current derby.

All of the derby information (registration, track information, schedule, race results, standings, award summary, and statistics) can be printed at any time. The printouts are clean, concise, and well formatted.

Everything about DerbyMaster promotes a fast, efficient, and organized derby. From registering to scheduling, from recording race results or simply viewing race results on the full screen display when connected to an electronic timer, to displaying current standings at the touch of a button, to having printouts of the race at a moments notice. DerbyMaster will handle it all.

Timers: The following timers have been fully integrated into DerbyMaster:

"The Judge" by New Directions

THE JUDGE is a compact, rugged, and affordable electronic finish line that takes the guesswork out of the popular Pinewood Derby races. It makes use of the very latest technology in electronics, and is exceptionally well designed and built. But most of all, it is accurate, fair and impartial.

"Fast Track" by Micro Wizard

FAST TRACK pinewood derby timers combine state of the art accuracy with a professional look that builds enthusiasm for the race. One of our family of timers will suit your needs and eliminate disputes even in the closest competition. Spectators see results instantly at the finish line.

"Turbo" and "DTx000" by NewBold Products

NewBold Products sells multiple  timing systems which time from 1 to 8 lanes -- giving both times and the order of finish. Their products can easily be upgraded in the future and install easily on any track.

"SmartLine" by eTekGadget

SMARTLINE supports up to 8 lanes with instant race results resolved to .00005 seconds. The Timer displays the results as they occur on large bright red 2¼ inch displays attractively mounted above each lane. They are easily seen across a large room.

"The Champ" by BestTrack

THE CHAMP uses a dual display with elapsed time and placement shown on the front, and placement on the back. The timer displays the results on large 2¼ inch displays readable across a large room and works with all BestTrack® Pinewood Derby Tracks.

Organizations: Cub Scouts, AWANA's, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, whatever your organization, DerbyMaster supports it. Ranks and Dens automatically switch to your organization. Not listed here? Don't worry, everything in DerbyMaster is fully customizable.




Webelos I
Webelos II


Truth & Training
Jr Varsity



Ranger Kids
Commanders 1
Commanders 2


Lad 1
Lad 2
Lad 3
Page 4
Squire 5
Knight 6

Registration: Whether you register 10 cars or 10,000 cars, DerbyMaster will handle them all. With intuitive Title Case verification and previous rank recognition, registration is simplified. Your organizations designations are automatically included in the drop down list as you enter them, and ranks are automatically selected based on previous entries. If you make a mistake or need to delete a driver, simply select the car from the list of registered cars and make the appropriate changes. With DerbyMaster, you can enter all of your cars at one time, even if you only want to race specific ranks at a time, because DerbyMaster allows you to select which ranks you want to include for the current derby. We also allow you to override DerbyMaster's numbering and assign your own car numbers.

Track: DerbyMaster supports from 1 to 24 lanes; you just supply the staffing to start and retrieve the cars. In fact, with the efficiency you gain using DerbyMaster, races will typically take from 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on your staffing. With DerbyMaster, you can trip the starting gate as fast as the finish line resets and not worry about the bookkeeping; giving you control of how fast or slow you run your races.

Schedule: Choose from Standard, Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Lane Rotation. Standard scheduling generates a schedule using the Stearns Method. In this mode, all cars will race many times against many other cars. The cars will race evenly among all of the lanes used, and the cars will all race the same number of times. The schedule will be computed based on the number of rounds you specify. The Single Elimination and Double Elimination schedules generate pure elimination schedules. Lane Rotation will rotate each car through each lane once per round.  Select the Randomize option in these modes to allow the order of cars in each round to be randomized.

Results: Whether you score the results manually with a simple click of the mouse, or you use a computer option with your finish line and let DerbyMaster handle the scoring automatically, DerbyMaster will keep track of all of the results. Using Standard scheduling (Stearns Method) or Lane Rotation, you can choose to base your race on time or points.  Time can only be used if one of the electronic finish lines is in use with a serial interface to your computer. If you do not have an electronic finish line, points will be earned based on the position of finish; at the end of the derby, the car with the most points wins. Using Single Elimination and Double Elimination scheduling, cars advance to the next round until they have lost the indicated number of times. Use the colorful Full Screen display to view race results as they happen. Connect the computer's video to a projector, and display the Full Screen on the wall so everyone can see. In Single Elimination and Double Elimination modes, select the Ladder Diagram to pictorially display the current status of the derby.

Standings: Select which ranks you want to view standings for, and then sort the standings by points, car number, driver, rank, or den/patrol. If you use the computer option with race times reported per lane, sort by total time, minimum time/speed, maximum time/speed, or average time/speed. Speed is displayed as Miles/Hour or Kilometers/Hour. Standings are available at any time during the race. Display the standings on the Full Screen display so everyone can see them.

Awards: Select special awards from the drop down lists (most original, most colorful, best paint job, etc.), or enter your own award categories. To assign the awards, just enter the car number receiving that award, and the corresponding driver information is automatically filled in. Display the awards on the Full Screen display so everyone can see them or print the awards as certificates and present them to the drivers. You can have up to 50 awards!

Statistics: At any point during the derby, you can view derby statistics, lane statistics, and car statistics. This information lets you see how the derby is progressing along with how even the lanes are in terms of performance. You can also check on individual cars to see how they are performing in the various lanes.

Yes, DerbyMaster will handle every aspect of your derby. And it does so in the most intuitive and efficient manner possible. In fact, once started, all you have to do is move the cars to and from the track; DerbyMaster will handle everything else.

If this is the way you would like to run your derby, order DerbyMaster now!

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